Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little Man

…turns 5! Our “Little Man” JD turned 5 this month and we had a sweet time celebrating this milestone birthday.  There is something special about turning 5, stepping out of the toddler years and tip-toeing towards the “big boy” years. 

How do we sum up JD in one blog post….virtually impossible!  He is our treasured little boy.  He is a delight and a handful.  He can be the most charming little fellow and the biggest stinker all in a span of a minute or two!  He is definitely the baby of the family and seems to not only know his position but with his incredible smarts, he has learned to maneuver in such a way that he gets the most benefit from where he falls in the birth order!  Our tiniest treasure chose a fun birthday dinner…. homemade fried chicken, “legular” mac & cheese (“legular” means regular…. boxed KRAFT…. NOT momma’s homemade!) and baked artichokes with melted butter.  A unique meal for a very unique and precious boy.   Happy, happy Birthday Jeremiah Daniel, we love you and pray God will shape you into a man used mightily for Him. 

Isabelle took these sweet photos below...she wanted to do a "5 year old" photo shoot of JD!