Monday, March 1, 2010

Double the Blessings....Double the fun!!

Well, dinner is in the oven, children are playing, JD is snuggling his Mitchell, Papa and Gigi are resting and I have a minute (or two... hopefully) to get some photos on here!

We were excited to celebrate our twins 7th birthday on February 5...where has the time gone?!?! Both William and Shelley each have sweet and tender hearts and we are so thankful to be entrusted with the joy of parenting them! Will loves to please, is very inquisitive, asks the best questions, loves his Daddy, and is an amazing creator with his KNEX! Our Shelley is a girl who adores her big sister, loves to be a little Mama and help all around the house, she really enjoys her "big girl" chapter reading books, and loves listening to Radio Theatre with her sis.


We had a fun celebration with a some dear friends and families who had birthday's in the same weekend! Madison turned 17 the next day on the 6th and Dan turned...(well we won't mention his waiting to become a grandpa age) on the 7th! We had nummy food, fun frog and daisy cupcakes and a whole lot of laughs!


  1. Your twins are so wonderful and sweet. Thank you for sharing the love by letting Isabelle bring those glasses over here. They have been a big hit with the little girls. Melia puts them on and calls herself a rock star. Also how cool is it that music plays with your blog!!

  2. what a fun party!!! chessa, did you make those cupcakes? they look awesome!

  3. Hey Cindy...can you believe I did make those cupcakes! They are the same designs I made a few years ago for one of their birthday's but they both wanted them again! They are actually quite simple!