Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another year

Isabelle and I shared yet another year of birthdays…I love that our birthday’s are so close together! Isabelle celebrated hers at the campout on Saturday with a beautiful birthday cake that a sweet friend, Brenna, made for her. Chad surprised me on Monday night with a small gathering of some dear friends to celebrate my special day. Isabelle became a “double digit midget” …the big 10… and I turned…well… another year older and continue drawing ever closer to the inevitable 4-0!

I asked Isabelle what she has learned this year…..”much more cooking” she replied, “I love cooking more than Math…that’s for sure!” She mentioned quite a few things….she has learned a lot about Alzheimer’s disease and how to better care for Gigi and Papa. She immensely loves her sewing lessons with Mrs. Dickson and accomplished a beautiful baby quilt for a dear friend’s baby boy (for whom we are anxiously awaiting)… and she mentioned that JD can scream really loud …I thought she already knew that! She is enjoying her journey through the New Testament, and devouring the Trailblazer series of biographies. She has a new found interest in the Leave it to Beaver show and has developed quite a fondness for our puppy, Rocky. 

When I reflect on what I have been blessed to learn and be thankful for this year… there are truly so many thoughts that flood my mind.  My Savior’s faithfulness is written even deeper on my heart, His care for my burdens ever fresh in my thoughts. He continues to assure me that His steadfast love never ceases and His mercies never come to an end…praise Him that they ARE new every morning. I am thankful for a deepening love for His word, in particular 1 Peter chapters 2 & 3; and that in spite of my sinful self, He continues to graciously use His sovereign hand to mold and refine my heart, life and will into what He desires of me. I recognize and praise Him for the heartache that brings about His desired changes and that in all and through all He pours out His perfect peace. I am blessed to live under the humble, strong and godly leadership of my dearest and best friend. To be the bride of this patient, gentle, longsuffering and kind man is my privilege…I have much to learn from him. I appreciate the beauty of seeing my children grow in stature and heart. To experience times of difficulty and joy with them, to be lavished with their love and receive often their swift and abundant forgiveness is one of my greatest blessings. To have been given these 36 years of hearing the voices of my dear grandparents, experiencing their “I love you’s, kisses, hugs, Godly heritage, friendship…. and the honor of caring for them another year. For the love of family, the continued wisdom and encouragement of older women, the sweetness of a beloved church body, and the treasure of rich friendships…..Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

The beautiful birthday card Chad drew for me!


  1. Happy birthday, my friend. Love you!

  2. Chessa. I had no idea Chad was an artist! The card is beautiful! And I'm sorry about your Gigi. You're being brave. Hugs.

  3. Kristine....thank you for your note and your sweet words. I will pass your ecouragement onto Chad!