Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gone Fishin'

A few weeks ago we had the fun of experiencing “opening day” and a fishing derby.  Mr. E took the big boys out VERY early in the boat and the rest of us showed up at a more leisurely hour...around 9AM.  The area is absolutely beautiful and much fun was had by all.  Each of the children caught a fish, except sweet Shelley! She worked hard and waited patiently but to no avail this time….maybe next year!



  1. What beautiful fishing country, and a beautiful Family, Sorry Shelley like Mom says maybe next year

    Love you all

    Gramps & Patti

  2. So, SO cute!! I especially love the picture of JD with the fish. =)

  3. The fishing trip looks wonderful! Bet everyone had a great time fish or no catch. Please give Uncle Ed a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH (hugs included) from the MI clan. He looks great in the May 10th photo.
    Love to all, Jo