Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 20

Monday found us celebrating Mitchell’s 15th birthday! The week brought some firsts….drivers ed, his drivers permit and his first time driving! On his first time out we were laughing so hard he almost needed to stop driving but we gathered ourselves together and he did great!!! I love each stage with the children but this one is soooo crazy different I still can’t wrap my mind around it!

Mitchell….how we love thee…..let us count the ways! For your kindness, tenderness, sense of humor, your great laugh, your teachable heart, your “sticktuitiveness”, your smarts, your sense of adventure, wisdom beyond your years, your goodnight hugs, your good morning greetings, your faithfulness, your love for your Savior, your loyalty, your willingness to forgive and for the sweet and simple “I love you’s” you freely give. Thank you for helping with Papa each day and night, thank you for loving so immensely and unconditionally.


  1. Happy Birthday Mitchell. I can't believe you are 15. You are a true Blessing and we are all very proud of you. God Bless you Mitchell.

    Love You

  2. Time flies so fast!! I remember shopping with you and Mitchell sitting in the front of the cart with his cute pudgy legs!

    Happy Birthday Mitchell! We love you!

  3. Savor 15 and supervised driving. It goes by so quickly then you have to worry about them when they are off without you!