Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lake Day

Mitchell and his “partner in crime”... Joel... had a little gathering to celebrate their two birthdays… which fall a month apart!  Labeled a “birthday party”, it was really just an excuse for a fun day at the lake with a bunch of friends.  Even with Mr. E’s “rough” work schedule he was able to eek out a “rare” few hours off and take the boys tubing. After the lake we headed back to the E’s for cake and fun games the boys made up…. "trampoline dodge ball” and “baby baseball”.  A very fun, albeit VERY chilly day!  Many, Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Langley and Dr. Dan for making this day very special for our boys!!


  1. Looks like you got a good "refigerator picture"!
    Thanks, Alyssa :)

  2. You didn't happen to find a pair of sunglasses on the dock? If so they are Brenna's. My girls were at the lake just before you.

  3. The above post is from Shelly...oops

  4. Fun day! I can't believe how grown up the boys look!! Great pictures!!

  5. ~Nice "summer" day wasn't it Jod....freezing!
    ~Shelly...Mitchell said he talked to you and we were there Friday...not Wednesday...we didn't see any. Maybe ask Barb??
    ~Tara...thank you! It is crazy how grown up all these "boys" are now. No more "momma and little boy hugs", when I hug him it is like hugging a grown man...except he is still growing!

  6. Once again, what a great Birthday party! Chessa, you really know how to 'put on' the fun!...special place, special times, and with special friends.... I bet Mitchell will never forget it. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Mitchell!