Thursday, August 11, 2011

Campout, Fevers and a Birthday….

Another annual church campout has come and gone and once again it was a time of abundant fun, sweet fellowship and new memories made. Mom and my Uncle Ken were able to come and stay with Papa and I know he enjoyed time spent with both of them! Hours of biking, fellowship, swimming, volleyball, badminton, horseback riding, the annual Olympics, fishing, friendship bracelet making, singing around the campfire, a special Sunday service, testimonies, all church campfires, SMORES (with all different kinds of chocolate and candy… my favorite…Reese’s PB cups!), LOTS of coffee and a WHOLE tub of Red Vines! This campout is a highlight of the summer for our family and within our power; we would not miss it for anything! Isabelle also celebrated her 11th birthday on Sunday!  That was the day we arrived home from the campout and it was good to be back and celebrate her special day with Papa, Grandma and Uncle Ken.  Earlier on Sunday JD began running a fever and slept most of that last day of the campout.  Unfortunately, Isabelle joined him later on in the day, a birthday sickness….so sad! Their yuckies lasted till Tuesday.  I think the photo of JD with his bowl of applesauce, children's tylenol and mug of water speaks for how the both of them felt those days! Shelley fell prey to the fever on Monday but thankfully it was short lived.  No more of us have fallen and all are better now…yah! It took a couple days but we were finally able to do her “birthday cake” of choice….key lime pie….nummy! Isabelle’s birthday always signals the beginning of the end of summer for us! We are looking forward to enjoying the last few weeks …of hopefully warm weather….. before school begins! Already….really????


  1. Fun pictures!! So sad about the fevers...what a way to end the campout!?! Those candles are SO cool, where did you find them? And Happy Birthday Isabelle, and you too, Chessa!!!

  2. Thanks Tara....and Happy Belated Birthday to you also! The candles.....I can't exactly remember but I bet they are from Walmart or Target. They are very fun and very tall...we have used them for many birthdays and simply washed them off!

  3. That photo of JD sick is priceless. Poor little guy. And the red vines carried over his head is pretty cute too. ;)