Thursday, January 19, 2012

"God Bless Our Home"

We have looked at those four words on this little clock for 18 years now.  Our dear friends Carl & Laurie Smith from Alaska gave us that little clock on our wedding day 18 years ago, January 15, 1994.  This past Sunday Chad and I celebrated 18 sweet and salty years! I love thinking of the years in these terms because you often need the salty to enhance the sweetness!  God has truly blessed our home.  He has given us new life both physically and spiritually, multiple joys and sorrows, countless tender and severe mercies and He has lathered us with His grace over the years.  He gave us the privilege of walking many years alongside Papa and Gigi as their earthly lives ended and their eternal lives began, all under His tender loving care.  God has truly blessed our home.  This little clock died a few weeks ago, a new battery isn’t doing the trick anymore.  It is one of the few remaining gifts from our wedding day and still hangs indefinitely in our bathroom as I don’t have the heart to take it down yet … maybe someday! Until then, may it be a sweet reminder of the precious time God has already granted us and to anticipate what He will do through our family in the many years ahead.


  1. I love your "sweet and salty" phrase...what a neat word picture! Happy Anniversary...your family is so adorable and I'm so thankful to be in a church family with you! <3

  2. sweet AND salty....LOVE the description!!!....sad about your clock, though! seems like there MUST be a way to restore it!! it's too sentimental to get rid of <3

  3. Happy Anniversary Chad and Chessa! <3