Thursday, June 13, 2013


Not in pounds but in years...Yesterday we got to celebrate Chad's 40th! We actually celebrated twice for this special birthday, once with a SPAM party last week and then just with our little family last night. Thankfully he did not request SPAM again for last night's dinner. :-)

Chad LOVES SPAM…yikes! In fact did you know there is a SPAM Museum in Minnesota?  Unfortunately Chad has added it to our list of stops for our cross country trip next Fall! J Did you know there are lots of recipe’s and ways to use SPAM??  Last week I made SPAM “cupcakes” and SPAM buns.  The “cupcakes” were simply mini SPAM/hamburger meatloaves with mashed potato “frosting” and SPAM buns is a friend’s recipe and honestly I have to say I could eat the SPAM buns.  The SPAM buns are grated SPAM, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (the original recipe calls for ketchup but Chad doesn’t eat ketchup) and garlic salt all mixed together then you top a potato roll with the SPAM mixture and grated cheese then broil them for a couple minutes and WALA … you actually have edible SPAM... it tastes like pulled pork!  For dessert we had Lazy Daisy Cake that Isabelle made and I made a Beer and Bacon Ice Cream Sundae Toffee Sauce that is poured over vanilla ice cream and topped with bacon crumbles, toasted pecans and sea salt!  No worries… all the beer cooks out J It actually turned out quite good, better than I expected!

Last night his dinner of choice was chicken fried steak with country gravy, homemade biscuits and eggs. He finished off the evening with a Bourbon Cherry Rhubarb Pie.  Gee… I think I am starting to see a pattern here with alcohol J… JK... honestly it cooks out and it is just the flavor left! I guess he has no worries about clogging any arteries at this point!  

Hard to believe my precious husband is 40.  We sat around the dining room table last night as the children and myself spoke of all the things we love about Daddy.  His kindness and patience, how he takes the time to teach them, his wrestling and tickle fights, how he is a good example of being a Godly husband and father and much more. It was precious to hear the children speak and a gift all in itself.  I love this man God has given me more than I can rightly express.  I am blessed that he unconditionally loves me, he is patient with my impatience, he is tender, longsuffering, sacrificial and unassuming. He is a special man who gives his all for another and loves his Savior with his whole heart. These years have gone quickly as we have grown up together. I pray the Lord will bless me with the gift of many more years with Chad as I have much to learn from this man. 






  1. Precious words spoken about your husband. Way to go girl! Love all the pictures. You really captured the sweet moments. May God bless you with another 40+ years Chad. Chessa, get that man to eat his vegetables! =)Love and hugs, Barb

    1. Thank you for opening your home to us once again to make sweet memories! We love you all.