Friday, July 11, 2014

A Senior Piano Recital and a little catching up.....

I am so sorry to be so long in posting! Just a little something to post Mitchell's Senior Piano Recital video.  Also... I have been remiss in posting about making my final weight loss goal but I did meet my goal of 80 lbs. and have actually exceeded it by a few pounds as I reset the goal to 85... more to come on that later!

We are SO thankful for the opportunity to have a fun Senior Recital for Mitchell.  He has worked so hard over the years on piano and the evening was a highlight for him.  We thank the Lord for the talent He has given Mitchell and the blessing it has been to our family. May he always excel still more!


  1. Love your posts!! It is nice to have Mitchell's wonderful performance on video. =)
    Love and hugs, Barb

  2. Thank you sweet Barb... love you!