Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Open Hand

Well…I thought I would share a few notes and photos about the adventures and news of our week! First the blessings….the extra in home care for Papa and Gigi. The hours we thought were going to start next month actually started this week and got bumped up from 15 to 21 hours a week!! That will flesh out to roughly 3 hours a morning M-Th and 8 hours on Friday….what an amazing blessing from the Lord! We have a wonderful caregiver who is so good with P & G, she will come 3 days a week; and another great gal we are just getting to know who will come 2x’s a week. In the midst of this excitement, we were reminded again that we must approach each day with an open hand and continually give the details of our daily schedule to our heavenly Father. Yesterday was our first 8 hr. Friday we had free and I had made plans for our first real outing of the summer to enjoy the warm day at a waterfront park with dear friends. Sweet R (our caregiver) came at her appointed time and started waking P & G, but unfortunately fell quite ill here at the house and ended up going right home, about an hour after she arrived.  Ahhhh… rest in the sovereign will of my Lord. I recognized that He must desire me home this day for whatever reasons He has. We quickly changed gears and invited our friends out here for the afternoon instead…and what fun we had! Barb, Joel and Sarah joined us for an afternoon of sunshine, feet in the kiddie pool, the boys throwing the baseball and Aerobie, snacks and visiting. Sarah brought some delightful flowers to brighten the day, Papa and Gigi had a good afternoon and Papa even joined us outside in the warm sunshine for little bit. Barb stayed with Papa and Gigi while Sarah and I took the kiddos to Edaleen Dairy for some yummy ice cream and double espresso shakes! All in all a beautiful afternoon and much thankfulness for the beauty of dear friends with kindred spirits.

Of course there is plenty of other exciting happenings at the Honey home right now….including but not limited to… 2 toilets not working, a backed up septic, a torn apart bathroom and for quite a few hours last night and into the morning, no water available for use at all….yikes!! This is the first time we have ever been thankful for the quirky septic system in our home as it still allowed one bathroom on the other end of the house to work. BUT…..thankfully, this morning an angel… in the form of a plumber named Curly… came out and helped my HANDY and HANDSOME HUBBY unclog the septic, so we have use of 2 bathrooms and all water again! Our main downstairs bathroom is now in demolition mode as it still needs some plumbing issues taken care of so we will be doing a sooner than expected remodel in that bathroom!

On a more pleasant note, yesterday the boys put together my new outdoor park bench for by the front door, and the girls had fun making a wedding dress from the bubble pack! The middle 3 have also enjoyed playing Red Cross… Nurse Isabelle, Nurse Shelley and Doctor William and Isabelle and Shelley put on a short musical presentation with a few songs from the Sound of Music! I love seeing their imaginations in full swing! It has been a little crazy around here but it has been good and by God’s grace we are not just surviving but thriving in the adventures He is giving us!


  1. Who is this crazy guy taking apart this bathroom. Doesn't he know that water and electricity don't mix well together?

  2. Wow, what a day you had. It's always great when you have friends that are understanding and willing to change plans on the spur of the moment when you need them to. Bathroom remodels are both blessings and curses. I remember remodeling a bathroom in Montana. John and I learned a lot about each other. :)Can't wait to see how your bathroom turns out. I'm sure it'll be gorgeous.

  3. Wow, but neat! It will be so nice when done. Miss you all and look forward to seeing you next weekend when dad brings up the motorhome for the campout. I am so looking forward to spending the week with my mom and dad while you have some great family time at the campout. Love mom

  4. So did the bathroom "remodel" predate the septic issues or is it one of the blessings that came forth from a backed up septic? Beautiful flowers :)

  5. Leslie...I am excited to work together on the bathroom will be small so a great place to start!

    Mom...we are soooo looking forward to the campout..JD asks if we "go to campout today?" EVERYDAY...many times a day!

    Jen...the remodel did predate the septic issue! The septic was a secondary issue that came up suddenly on Friday but the loss of the toilet has been about 2 weeks now...the plumbers come this morning...yah!!!!