Saturday, July 10, 2010


We are thanking and praising the Lord for your prayers and a positive report….Gigi showed some improvement yesterday! Her infection is clearing and possibly the adjusting of the meds is helping the situation. She was quite sleepy during the day and only woke for a little longer than an hour in the morning and about an hour and a half in the afternoon then unfortunately she was awake from mid/late evening until early morning with some agitation to the nurses, but she finally fell asleep around 3am. She sat up in a chair for an hour for her breakfast yesterday and then walked once to the bathroom, other wise she remained in her bed. She was more interactive both with her eyes and in speaking. She fed herself a quarter of a small, soft sandwich and with help, held her own cup to drink but using a utensil was not successful. She had increased communication and was able to comprehend more although she was still unable to answer her last name, where she was, what year it was and a couple different times she did not know who I was. Not being able to answer those questions truly is not alarming to us though as this is more in tune with her normal ability at home. We are hoping she will get transferred to a care facility, maybe even today, but more than likely tomorrow; then home after what we are assuming will be a couple more days of getting stronger. We still covet your prayers for Gigi’s peace and comfort and the wisdom of the Doctors and our decisions. Another specific prayer request that she is able to get a bed at the care facility close to our home.
We have been blessed, once again, at the huge outpouring of love and care we are receiving as a family and are so thankful for those God has intertwined in our lives. It is our privilege and joy to experience such love and we look forward to the opportunity to return in kind to others in need what we are being blessed with at this time. Whether you are loving our family through prayer or practicality or both we praise the Lord for each of you dear ones!

The JOY of the Lord is my strength.

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