Monday, January 17, 2011

Seventeen Years.....

and happily counting more! This past Saturday marked 17 years married for Chad and I!  On January 15, 1994 at the tender ages of 19 & 20 we vowed to love, honor and cherish each other till death doth part us. Seventeen years and five children later is a good start but truly just a drop in the bucket compared to the 64 years my grandparents spent together, but none the less a joy for us. We truly had no comprehension of the depths to the vows we were making that cold winter day in Alaska, but by the grace of God, He has intertwined our two individual lives with Himself and in Him we are one…. a three cord strand not easily broken.

We were very thankful for the opportunity to go away for one night! This only happened because of the many sweet people who took our responsibilities for a time so we could have this special night away. Mitchell offered to stay with Papa and so with sweet R’s help for the overnight, he took care of Papa for us….we love that boy and are so grateful for who he is and his kind heart. The younger four had an absolutely wonderful time with Kelsey and Aaron Tolsma for the night! We have heard all about what fun they had….the Library, Dairy Queen, Edaleen for ice cream, movies, dress up….the list goes on…thank you Kels and Aaron! Sweet Mrs. E came out when the children were brought home to spend some time with them and help Mitchell as he needed it. The kiddos so enjoyed their time with Mrs. E also…thank you Barb!

Earlier in the week we took some time to watch our wedding video with the children… what a hoot that was! We had a little shocker when we realized that Mitchell now, at 14 ½, and being 5’10’’ and 185 lbs. is the same height but weighs 40 lbs. more than Chad did when we got married!!! Not to mention his current shoe size …between a 12 and 13 totally dwarfs his Daddy….even now! We often lamented how over quick our service went, almost a drive thru wedding! This time while watching the video we timed it and after the processional and all the wedding party was up front, from the Pastor’s first words until he pronounced us man and wife was 6 min. and 40 seconds!!!! There was still a song and a couple small happenings after that but the total service time from the first lighting of the candles to the last person walking off the stage was something like 22 minutes….YIKES…how many things we would change about that day if we could! We love how different the weddings are now and how there is much more than just the “I DO’s”. Special vows and a charge by the pastor are just a couple of the sweet things we get to enjoy now. It is fun to look back and enjoy memory of the day but in reality it is not the “wedding day” that matters but the marriage itself. To God’s glory we are best friends who are so grateful to be married to one another!

Ecclesiastes 9:9
Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life and in your toil in which you have labored under the sun.

Then and Now.....quite a difference!


  1. I love seeing people's wedding photos...yours is soooo cute! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congratulations!!!! You all are so blessed!!

    I can't believe how big Mitchell is!! It's so fun to watch them grow physically and spiritually! David would enjoy hanging around Mitchell. Most of David's friends are must smaller than him. I think David is 5'8" and around 130 or 140 pounds. He wears Paul's clothes now :-)

    You look the same as the day you got married! Chad has "matured" in many good ways!!

    Love you guys!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I think you are both even cuter now than you were then. :) And you're's the marriage that counts, not the wedding.

    You guys were only one year off from Andrew's and my ages, 20 and 21...I pray our marriage lasts as happily grounded in Christ as yours has. :) Love you guys!

  4. Thanks Annie, Marla and Abigail.... it was sweet of you ladies to comment!

    Marla... How I wish our boys could hang out, only practically an entire country between us! Someday!

  5. It was a memorable day for me, too!! How glad I am to have been a part of your day--not to mention your life!!! I thank God for our lifelong friendship. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many more, Lord willing!!! Love you!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Very exciting to look back and see the blessings along the way.

  7. I loved this part: "We truly had no comprehension of the depths to the vows we were making that cold winter day in Alaska, but by the grace of God he has intertwined our two individual lives with Himself and in Him we are one..."

    That soooo true about marriage!! Happy belated anniversary to you. I'm so glad you got to get away for such a worthy celebration.

    Love the pictures, but I agree, you're both even more beautiful (ahem...handsome) today!!