Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I can't wait to eat at a Mexican restaurant,
so I can use chopsticks and stuff!"

Shelley, age 7


  1. Too cute...somehow I can just hear that coming out of her sweet mouth!!

    Love and miss you, girl!!

  2. I love it!! And now that she mentioned it Mexican sure does sound yummy. I think I would make to big a mess with chopsitcks though.:)

  3. Dear Shelly, We have lots and lots of chopsticks and cool Korean dishes and yummy Asian food. Soon we will very close to you and you will come and eat Korean food with Adrienne and use chopsticks. Love, Mrs. Sutherland

  4. Shelly-:)

    When we are in the right area Patti & I will take your whole family out for Mexican dinner and also Chinese, which we have both here in Lake Isabella,maybe like the last time when you guys are on a trip you could stop here.

    Love you all

    Uncle Ken & Aunt Patti

  5. Thanks all....Marie she will enjoy eating Korean food with Adrienne!