Friday, February 4, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

A couple weekends ago we had the joy of “opening” another Christmas present. This one was to the children, in fact it was the only Christmas present we gave to them this year… a night away at Great Wolf Lodge! It was very fun on Christmas morning to see their reaction when they opened the one present from Momma and Daddy…it held 5 pairs of goggles and a brochure for GWL! We had originally scheduled the time away for the morning after Christmas, but when we knew Gigi’s was close to going home to the Lord, we rescheduled our getaway.

We had never been to GWL, and we had a ball! Everything was truly on a grand scale and we enjoyed the entire experience!  We also had fun making a Dairy Queen blizzard run in PJ’s late at night. Actually we paid for it later as for some reason I am not sure where my brain was when we got JD his OWN mini blizzard at 10 o’clock at night! Even after all that swimming, bedtime was quite a chore after the mass sugar rush!!

We spent many fun hours laughing and swimming…I even braved the Canyon River Run a few times and the Howlin’ Tornado ONLY once!! I love the last two photos....they say it all for JD at the end.  He had done so good all day and had a great time but when we were leaving he started melting down!  Those were our "out the door" photos and as soon as they were taken, we quickly loaded up in the van.  Before we hit I-5, he was sawin' logs!!  Thanks to Mom for coming to take care of Papa for our getaway.  The timing for late January ended up to be such a blessing and gave our family some much needed and very sweet time away together.


  1. So fun!! I've heard great things about Great Wolf Lodge...we'll have to go once Calvin gets a little bigger :) Glad your family had some time away together!!

  2. So much fun!! Love the pictures...they're worth a thousand words!!

  3. I so want to take the Kids there....... Is it close to Bellingham????

    Looks like all had fun

  4. Thanks gals!

    JS....there are quite a few all over the US. The closest one to you would be this one in Grand Mound, WA...the rest are in the Midwest, South and East.

  5. Thanks again for the trip mom, it was a blast!!!