Monday, February 7, 2011

Look Who's 8!!

Birthdays are some of my favorite days and we had the joy of celebrating the twins 8th birthday on Saturday! I know, I know, I am only echoing what most Mom’s say when I ask…”I can hardly believe it, where has the time gone”???

The day started off very fun with breakfast in bed for both of the twins….and Daddy had surprised all of us and purchased Pop Tarts for the special occasion! We haven’t had Pop Tarts in the house for quite a while, we used to keep them around only as “after Sunday night church” treats but it has been a long time since we have done that. Needless to say, EVERYONE was quite happy over Daddy’s purchase! The day included Will getting to play Madden 10 and Mario Kart with Mitchell and Shelley checking many things off her “birthday to do” list! We had a delicious birthday dinner thanks to the delectable palates of the twins…..50/50 marinated sirloin steak, baked potatoes with all the toppings, lots of salad with Ranch dressing, Sierra Mist and Toy Story 3 and Princess cupcakes to finish! We also extended the celebration a bit to Superbowl Sunday when we had both Eschbach families out for some Superbowl fun…GO Pack GO!!! Since Dan’s birthday is today (Happy Birthday Dan!!) we got to sing to him also yesterday! It has been a fun weekend rejoicing in the lives of Will and Shelley and simply spoiling them on their special day!

Here is a peak at Shelley’s “to do birthday” list…. exactly as written…..we were able to accomplish numbers 1-12...I loved it!

1. Breakfast in bed
2. Make a crown
3. Dress up nicely
4. Curl your hair
5. Play a game
6. Paint nails
7. Go to jo-anne Fabrics
8. Sew peddiecoats
9. Have tea
10. Have dinner
11. Have dissert
12. Open presents
13. Play dolls
14. Do crafts
15. Make heart valintines
16. Make crown for Will
17. Paper chains
18. Paint with easle, outside if 60 degrees or inside if cold
19. Play house
20. Make big bed


  1. I love the birthday list!! And the cupcakes are amazing. So glad it was a special celebration for two of our favorite people!!

  2. How sweet for those two kiddos! Melia was thilled to see Shelly wearing her same PJ's. And our daddy just purchased poptarts too. We just ate them for lunch. So sweet is your family!

  3. Happy Birthday Shelly and Will Auntie Loves you HUGS

    PS Great Pic of Chad it saids 40th Birthday pic to me

  4. Happy, happy birthday to two of the sweetest twins I know!! Thanks for sharing the precious pictures :)

  5. Thanks gals for your sweet comments, I will share them with the twins! cute about Melia...Pop Tarts for lunch, sounds good to me!