Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Recital....Kinda

Last Thursday was Mitchell’s Spring piano recital. The piece he played was Pirates of the Caribbean by Klaus Bedelt, arr. by Jarrod Radnich.   He LOVES piano and has worked diligently all year long.  He originally took lessons for 5 years, starting when he was 8 years old.  Hannah Geneser was his first teacher, and he, her first student.  She instilled in him a love for the piano and now that love is growing!  After his 5th year he took a couple year break.  He stopped for a couple reasons… the first being that he simply needed a rest!  The second was that during Gigi’s difficult times as her Alzheimer’s disease progressed it was very hard for her to have the piano playing long hours for practice; it was simply too much stimulation and noise for her.  I remember being so sad because over the early years of Mitchell’s lessons she absolutely loved listening to him play.  I can only imagine the beautiful music she is experiencing now with her Savior!

 This last year he picked back up again and began lessons under Sherry VandenBos.  What a treat this year has been!  She is an outstanding teacher and has encouraged him to challenge himself and push ahead of his presumed abilities.  She has brought out the best in him and we are so thankful for her instruction!  He does not intend to stop lessons when he goes to Running Start next year, he will keep going and push himself to more intense playing … we can’t wait to see the results! 

Sadly, the video of the actual recital was on Chad’s iPhone and for some reason we cannot get it to upload or email!  I wanted record of the song so we decided to re-record it on Mrs. VandenBos’ piano at his last practice this week.  While it is not the same atmosphere as the recital, it is still fun nonetheless. Even though this performance is not flawless, it is pretty darn fantastic! Needless to say …..  Mitchell has one PROUD Mama!

PS....Yes, Mitchell did do the final note at the is his favorite part of course!

A note on the video..... if you keep it small the HD is better.  Unfortunately if you take it to full screen you will get a grainy video, and I am not sure why!


  1. That was wonderful - What a talent!

    Grandma Honey

  2. I love the ending note! He's so talented :)

  3. AMAZING!!!!!


  4. That is awesome:) Love you all
    Aunt Linda

  5. Wowza!! That was amazing! How wonderful to have such talent and dedication! Great job Mitchell!

  6. That was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! I loved his ending flair :). Keep up the great work, Mitchell, the Lord will be glorified as you use the talent He has given you to bring honor to Him!!

  7. Thanks everyone! It sure was a lot of fun to play, thank you for the kind words!


  8. Wow! His hard work has paid off! VERY nice job, Mitchell!

  9. Wowzer!! That is fantastic Mitchell. I am most sufficiently impressed. I loved it.
    Grama Diane