Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Favorite Part of Summer

There is hardly anything we look forward to more as a family than our annual church campout! Even though this is our family's 11th year attending, we never tire of the anticipation and then the joy of the actual event! This year was no different and we were blessed with incredible weather and much fun had by all!

Just a few of the memories..... campfires, friends, nummy food, loads of fellowship, Eschbach Annual Pancake Toss, lots of laughter, SCBC Olympic Games, tea parties, croissants roasted on an open fire for breakfast (the best ever!), endless bike riding and "goin' round the loop", fishing, soaking in the sun, running, and all things smores....regular smores, Reeses PB smores and York Peppermint Patty smores.....mmmmm mmmmm good!

JD is "ready" for his water balloon in the water balloon toss!

Chad came up with some creative ways to label his cups this year,
this one was a favorite!

Fishing with the Barbie pole! :-)


  1. Lydia and I have a lot of sweet memories playing Dutch Blitz with Shelley on Sunday afternoon! And soooo many other fun things! <3

    1. Hi Annie,

      Shelley had great fun playing with you and Lydia....she told us all about it! It reminded me that we have that game in our game tub, we will pull it out to play!

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