Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sleeping Under the Stars …. Kinda

Last night we had an outdoor movie night and a sleepover under the stars…or under the pop-up to be more precise! The kiddos love to sleep outside at least once over the hot summer days and Chad has been itching to do an outdoor movie with the projector.  It was the perfect night to watch one of our favorites, National Treasure 2 and take our slumber in the great out of doors! The only sad part is that Mitchell has been gone for a week at his BPD Explorer Academy in Pasco so he was not home to join us.  He will most certainly be in unbelief that I actually participated in the sleeping outdoors part! I am absolutely a “motorhomer” not a “true camper”, let alone a “sleep outdoors under the stars-er” but I was determined to make it through the night! I have never yet, in all the years of them sleeping outdoors, joined them in the fun! The phrase “I can’t believe you are still out here Momma” was heard more than once into the late evening!  Isabelle took advantage of the situation and used her fingers to simulate a bug crawling in my hair as we were drifting off to sleep….needless to say, she got the reaction from me she was hoping to hear!  I know we did not officially “sleep under the stars” with the pop-up above us, but I was ever so thankful for the cover as I heard the drip of condensation and dew hit the ground all night!  As much as I was longing for my own bed, it was quite a joy to peek out and see the amazing stars, here the coyotes howling much closer than usual, feel and smell the cool night air and to see God’s beautiful sunrise come up over the berries and farms around us.  Precious memories made.

 it just me or does this photo make Isabelle look like she has a TON of make up on?!?
No make all!


  1. that a real, live bed mattress I see?! You crack me up!! Way to go, making never to be forgotten, talked about for years memories with your kiddos...even if you were under a pop up and on a mattress! So proud of you (and maybe, just a little, slightly inspired)!!

    1. You soooo make me laugh friend! I know we talked already but for the record...yes....that is a air mattress! :-)Hey, I'm learnin' to rough it right??? Love you!

  2. Wow that night was fun. Some of the best sleep I have had in a long time. And who else better to share it with!