Sunday, December 23, 2012


In some ways these 2 years have gone so quickly and at other times the moments have seemed to drag.  I cannot imagine what these last two years have been like for my Gigi. In Heaven with all its splendor, glory, and beauty and being face to face with her Savior; I can hardly wrap my mind around it.   Two years in Heaven is not even a dot on the page in the book of eternity.  To see the physical realities of the faith you treasured, what an amazing hope we have in Christ. 

We miss her, we miss them.  I know it sounds cliché, but I truly will miss them until the day I die. It is no cliché, it is reality. There really isn’t a day that goes by that in some way, somehow I don’t think of them.  We talk of her, we reminisce of her, but I still have a hard time looking at photos of her, of them. They are all around us here as it is mostly framed pictures of Papa and Gigi that grace our home.  The photos are here but I struggle to really look at them as my heart aches when I do.  You know how when you really look at a photo, the memories flood back and you are transported to where you once had been and it seems so real.  Hard to do. 

We will have Top Ramen and Garlic English Muffins tonight for dinner.  A funny memorial dinner isn’t it? Definitely not because that was all she could cook … no way!  She was an amazing cook and the consummate hostess.  We really could be having Stuffed Mushrooms, homemade pasta, Italian Chicken or steak and spaghetti with oil and vinegar salad, Manicotti or one of my favorite birthday dinners she used to make me as an adult …. Calzones!  She was a masterful cook.  No, we are having Top Ramen and Garlic English Muffins because that is what the children remember most that she made for Papa and for them.  The years they lived with us she didn’t cook much at all but Papa loved Top Ramen and Garlic English Muffins, and she loved Papa, so she made him those as often as she could in the early years of living with us.  Mitchell and Isabelle especially have memories of slipping next door to the trailer and joining Papa and Gigi for a lunch of Top Ramen and Garlic English Muffins.  Silly dinner I know, but it fits the memories and gives us a little part of Gigi for the day.
XOXOXO Gigi, I love you. 
"There is something keeping for you, which is worth the having.
Less of you resides out of Heaven now." Samuel Rutherford



  1. Chessa, I read your post about your Grandma. Yes, she did make the most wonderful food. I loved her pasta also. Remember, she used to make it with her pasta machine and Ed helped her. I am positive that she is looking down from heaven and blessing you at this very moment. You had wonderful Grandparents they loved and cherished you from the get go. I enjoy reading your postings, it takes me back to the past. Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family. Aunt Susie

    1. Hi Aunt Susie, what a sweet surprise to see your comment, thank you so much for taking the time to write a note. Thank you also for sharing your memories of Gigi. Oh yes, I do remember the homemade pasta! I remember that Papa and I often ate them faster than she could make them sometimes and I can still hear her voice saying... "Ed!!" with her finger pointing at him. I loved watching her flick the Gnocchi off the end of the machine with her thumb. They were very special people. I would love to keep in touch with you if possible. If you would like, can you email me at chadsbride94 at yahoo dot com and we can exchange email addresses. Merry Christmas to you and your family Aunt Susie. Love, Chessa

  2. What a sweet memorial! As usual I'm blown away by your gift with words. Seriously, you should publish something!
    Love you!