Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pumpkin Snowmen

I felt badly about throwing out our cute pumpkins at the end of fall so we decided to turn them into snowmen. I am NOT a crafty person but, I did a quick search and found this fun blog post and the process seemed (and was) pretty simple.  I spray painted the pumpkins we used for the body and head white and the ones we would use for the hats I spray painted black.  After I initially spray painted them white, the orange was still showing through and Chad suggested spray white primer instead of paint and that worked very well for coverage (then I remembered that the gal who did the post said something like that!).  We let them dry a day or so then we used shish kabob sticks to hold the three pumpkins together, we didn’t use any glue for stacking.  We simply stacked them up with the shish kabob sticks, hot glue gunned on the buttons for eyes, the leaf for a nose and the cranberries for the mouth.  We had to cut the leaf to the desired shape and we found that cranberries cut in half worked better also.  Isabelle ripped some material to make the scarves and wala… pumpkin snowmen!! 




Isabelle named hers "Cindy Lou Who"



  1. Oh.my.goodness. These are amazing!! No matter how uncrafty you think you are, you always seem to come up with amazingly creative things. Copy-crafting is still crafting :).

    I am so putting these on my to do list for next year -- thanks for sharing!!

    ...Cindy Lou Who, I'm still giggling...

    1. You... my friend... are too generous to me!!! YOU are the one with all the creative ideas!!!

      Love you dear girl!

  2. These are so cute! Are you even the same person who ditched their "craft" from MOPS in the trash with me on our way out the door each month?? I knew you were secretly crafty!
    Love you!

    1. You crack me up, you remember it exactly as I do and NO I am not secretly crafty... I just got lucky this time I guess! The only craft I have left from those years is the wooden snowman...He sits on my mantle even today!
      Love you...