Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Handy AND Handsome

Saturday marked 37 years for my dear hubby….what a treasure he is to me, our family and those around him. We had a delicious birthday dinner of his choice….homemade chili, corn fritters and not one... but TWO pans of monkey bread. Those who know him well will quickly notice the lack of anything green on the table! Chad likes to joke of himself…”if a man is not handsome, then he better be handy”!  Well….he is both and so, so much more!! How can I take only a few words to describe my sweet husband, best friend, and beloved father to our children...Godly, faithful, leader, generous, humble, longsuffering, kind, hardworking, self sacrificing, tender, wise counselor, encourager, loyal, funny…and so much more. What he has taught me, and continues to teach, through his example; over our 16 years of marriage is unmatched. In the day to day mundane, the sweet and special moments, the difficult seasons…Eph. 4:32 rings true of him….”Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ has also forgiven you.”
I want to share with you one moment, in one day of many, which will hopefully give you a tiny glimpse into the heart of my husband. The night before his birthday I was able to spend a few hours away with some dear friends.  Chad as always, was gracious to let me go and so faithful in caring for Papa and Gigi. After the two of them were in bed he slipped back into their room to check that all was well and somehow Gigi had placed herself kneeling on the floor over her side of the bed. She was crying, possibly trying to pray, we are not sure. After picking her up and sitting her on the bed, he knelt down beside her to make sure everything was ok….but she was not. She was weeping and not understanding what was happening, why was she like this, she so desperately wanted her Mother and wondering why the Lord just won’t take her home. As tenderly as possible Chad comforted her, assuring her that she will see her Mother again and that the Lord greatly loves and cares for her and knows her days. He was able to calm her with his words and again tuck her into bed with assurances of his love and ours. In moments like these, I can hardly believe the tender and faithful love with which he cares for my grandparents and how he has led me in learning to serve and love them faithfully. The added beauty is that in so many ways he mirrors my Papa. Every word I used to describe Chad are the same ones I would use to describe Papa. I have long told Papa that I wanted to marry a man like him. I praise the Lord that in Chad, He has given me my hearts desire.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! I love you.
    It took A long time to make monkey bread,
    thats for sure!


  2. what? nice? you were talking about chad, right? lol- j/k- i just couldn't pass up the opportunity.....
    really, though, you are such a blessed family because of him!

  3. Hey cindy p.....I know, I know, there is someone nice under all the teasing! Amen...we are blessed because of him! Your kind hearted hubby brings a great blessing to your family also! Love to you!

    Our family has been so blessed by your family and we love you guys!!

  5. Marti girl...we are blessed by your friendship! Thank you for the Costco parking lot hugs the other day...we love you guys!

  6. Wow what a crazy woman to marry a guy like this. She could have at least found someone who was both "Handy and Handsome". Thankfully God blessed me with an amazing wife who not only is full of beauty and an incredible homemaker, but also with a skilled tongue so as to stretch the truth we here in read. I Love you Chessa!

  7. We are so thankful for you Chad. I had prayed since Chessa was a little girl that first she would know Christ as her Savior, then that she would marry a man who also loved the Lord and would take care of her. Then when dad and I got married, we both prayed these prayers and God is faithful and answered those prayers for us in a great and mightly way. Because not only do you take care of our daughter, but our grandchildren and my parents. We continue to pray for you always. We love you and are so thankful for you.

    Love Dad and Mom Alden Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!