Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tough Guy

Our sweet oldest son had a birthday this past Sunday and I had to keep asking myself….what is happening here??...where has the time gone??…fourteen…..who turns fourteen??…little boys who are growing up…that’s who!! Why is it my fourteen year old is 5’9”, 175 lbs, and size 13 shoe…isn’t that practically a man?!?  Please forgive my plethora of photos with this post…I got started and could not stop! As I looked through the photos I was brought back to my sweet little "tough guy" who used to fit snuggly in my lap. This same “tough guy” now stands taller than me and on some days seems to be growing by the minute! While his outside girth may be changing, there is still my little boy inside and oh how I cherish him… both little and big! As always, he still is my “right hand man”.  Many years ago Chad started teaching the children to ask ….“Is there anyway I can help you Momma?” or “what next Momma?” These are phrases I have been blessed to hear for many years, coming from the soft voices of my little ones. There is something that catches my heart now as I hear them come from a man’s voice, not my husband… but my son.
I love how he still loves to talk….he is my son…so why am I surprised! He often hangs out in the kitchen while I am doing dishes and as we work, we talk. Many times I find myself talking to the Lord, asking Him to please keep fresh in my mind that these special times are just a short window I have with Mitchell. I am terribly task oriented and I am often focused on the next item to complete. I can sometimes lose sight of the beauty of these moments He is giving us, not just with Mitchell, but each of the children. This season of life is not about my "must do" list, dishes or yard work. While all of those household chores have a place, they pale in comparison to knowing…truly knowing my children.
I thank Him for the tender acts of love Mitchell shares…an arm around me, a quick back scratch, playing with the younger ones, doing an extra something sweet to brighten my day and for the overt acts of love and the immense help he is to me each and every day. Not only in around the house chores, but in particular with Papa and Gigi. There are no words to truly express my gratitude for his eagerness to serve them, his tenderness to love them, and for this treasure he has, among many, of getting Papa ready for bed almost every night. For the precious opportunity to tuck away in my heart the “I love you’s” between them each night. These years have moved so fast, there is still so much to teach and impart so many memories yet to make and so much love to lavish on each one of the children. I desire to come more often before the throne with my prayers for strength to fully “be there” each and every day, not just in the physical sense but mentally and emotionally as well. To not miss, day in and day out, the ministry moments the Lord lays before me with my children. I don’t want these years to pass with snippets of regret, but with the beauty of moments seized, conversations remembered and joy abounding.


  1. I was just joking with Samantha today that I was going to marry her off to Mitchell someday so not to worry about dating. This post just makes my pick seem like the right one. He is a very special man and his photos were to cute. What a little pudger!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Mitchell! What a delight to see how you have grown into a young man; what a shocker at how fast it has happened!

  3. Oh, My Goodness! He's changing so fast. Thanks for reminding me to keep things in perspective. Mitchell, how special to have that kind of relationship with your mother! Happy birthday.

  4. Thank you ladies! I will share your words and well wishes with Mitchell!

  5. I love all the pictures! Especially the one of baby Mitchell smiling up at proud Great Grandpa!!
    You have raised a very fine young man~
    well done :)

  6. Thanks Mom, love you!:-)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Mitchell!! It's so wonderful to see him grow, especially growing in the Lord. You and Chad have done a wonderful job with your kids!

    David's on the same growth path. He's 5'7 and about 130 pounds and not yet 13 years old :-)