Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocky....Rocko....Rocky Baby....

You will hear all of these names sung from the lips of our children as these are the beloved names of the newest member of the Honey family! I absolutely love seeing JD run after his new best friend yelling…”Rooccckkyyy Baaabbbyyyy” at the top of his lungs. We adopted our little guy about a month ago now and we are in love! Rocky is terribly sweet, has a gentle disposition, and is a practically perfect little puppy! We are not experienced dog owners and this could not have been an easier transition for our family as we learn to care for our new little one! We were marveling over the fact that even though we have been married over 16 years, we have never owned a dog! How fun that we get to experience this for the first time with our children! We originally started looking for a Blue Heeler pup, when we heard about this sweet litter from a friend…thank you Jennie! Even though most of the comments we get ask if he is part German Shephard…he is not. Rocky has a Momma who is a beautiful full bred Golden Retriever and Dad is a mix of Blue Heeler and Border Collie….we should have one loyal dog! The training began right away and he is quickly learning to sit and wait to eat (after the food is poured), where to go to relieve himself, sitting and not jumping up, and so much more. I love the family effort of training, what a great experience for all of us. One of the sweetest blessings is how much Gigi loves him. We try to bring him into her often to say goodnight and she really enjoys sitting outside and watching him play with the children. Hopefully it will not be to long and we will have him trained to sit still on her lap so she can pet him, it really lifts her spirits. JD and Rocky are quickly forming a sweet bond….there is nothing quite like a boy and his dog.


  1. My oh My. How big he has gotten since I saw him at MP3. He sounds like he is turning out to be a blessing to the entire family. I love the pictures of JD and puppy. I can hear him calling his name while chasing him in the yard.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! I want to SMOOCH him! I absolutely LOVE the images with JD (The last one is my FAV!!) Love you guys! Hopefully I'll get to see you all this winter!

  3. He is just beautiful, Chessa! Wow! What a fun treat for your family.

  4. Rocky is so cute!!!!
    JD and Rocky have formed a bond.
    They both bite!!!!!!

    I love you,